About Me

My name is Kirsten, after a lifetime love of health and fitness, my 3 boys have grown up and all have their own lives I decided to take the plunge and finally do this!

After my Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and losing another close family member to a brain tumour and myself suffering the terrible disease endometriosis which has so far resulted in2 x surgeries I learnt pretty quickly that working lots of hours and buying "stuff" wasn't going to make me happy and my health was already suffering and would likely get worse.

Age is no barrier when it comes to exercise, you are capable of more than you think you are. I have worked in an office environment for 15 years, I know the effects this has on your body and health and wellness and your life in general.

My passion is Empowering Women
Guiding women to live their lives free of the thoughts and patterns that are holding them back from living a life that is full of lightness, fun and freedom.

Why Online Coaching?

Simply put I wanted to provide an environment where all traditional barriers were removed.

If its a movement programme than no gym to navigate.

If its an online Masterclass or other programme, I want you to feel comfortable being in your own environment and able to fully immerse yourself in it all.

Sounds amazing right?

I also offer Retreats, Masterclasses, and Life Coaching  programmes to empower you to break free of what's holding you back and to live a magic life.

Life is meant to be fun, easy and free.

Come let me show you how yours can be too

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