Corporate Wellness Programme

In a Corporate firm, employees are an integral part in how the Company derives revenue.

Employees who feel stressed, pressured or undervalued are more likely to be unhealthy, develop poor habits and have more sick leave.

These poor habits can then be linked to high levels of unproductivity, higher health risks and chronic diseases.

Team members who feel healthy and supported are more resilient, are more engaged and perform better leading to higher productivity.


By nature, accounting is a sedentary job, by sitting for long periods of time without sufficient movement throughout the day employees are at increased risks for:

  • Increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure

  • More likely to be overweight

  • Back, hip and neck tightness and issues.

  • Increased risk for cancers

By implementing and offering a robust Wellness Programme, research has shown you could see a return on your investment of around $2-3 for every dollar spent in a reduction on sick leave, increased productivity (more fees), reduced staff turnover and improved market perception.

A more important measure is the value of investment measure. This is harder to measure in monetary terms but means you will become an employer of choice, one that values its team and supports them in more ways than just a salary every fortnight.

Benefits of a Wellness Programme

  • Reduce employee stress

  • Increase energy and productivity in your team members

  • Greatly improve employee retention

  • Be seen to be employer of choice

  • Improve employee engagement

  • Be an early adopter of a Wellness Strategy

  • All expenditure is 100% tax deductible

The benefits are wide and varied and those noted above are just a few.

It’s easy to, for example offer gym memberships, or the like however what’s missing from that approach is education.


Without a well-rounded holistic approach your team won’t get results, your firm won’t get any benefit except know that you are financially supporting a gym membership.

Education is a key component of what I do for firms just like yours.

Why You Can Move?

Before completing my BBus majoring in Accounting, I completed a Diploma in Naturopathy. It's this that enables me to offer a more holistic education-based approach than the usual personal trainer.

Having worked in a corporate role for 13 years, ending with managing a high performing team in a fast-paced accounting firm I know how hard it can be to keep motivated, find time and know what to do to even start to be healthy.

Your team have KPI’s to meet at work, family and personal commitments to also meet and often their own personal health suffers.

I have a deep understanding on the effects on the body and mind of an office job. Sitting at a computer for a large part of the day has detrimental effects on the body’s mobility. It is this knowledge as well as knowing that the programme needs to be measurable and deliver results that makes me the provider of choice.

I cut through the BS out there and provide simple, effective solutions with a focus on educating your team to ensure this is a lifestyle choice not something they do for a while and then stop and revert back to old habits.

My programmes deliver real results, are achievable, tailored to your firm’s desired outcomes and budget
I now want to expand and share this and provide solutions to the Corporate world and provide a way for Companies just like you to implement and run a Health & Wellbeing programme successfully and make it simple to get up and running.

Use the calendar on the next screen to find a time that will suit us both to get together and discuss forming a Wellness Programme for your team.
Corporate Wellness Planning Session
1 hr

Education Package


One 30-minute workshop monthly in the office (either in lunchtime or office hours) These would cover the following topics:

  • Stress. What is it actually?

  • Nutrition. A Quick Bite

  • Can I be mindful at work?

  • Manage the effects of a desk job

  • Add more movement to your day

  • Healthy snacks

These workshops may be able to be counted towards unstructured CPD hours (if applicable)


In-office mini movement sessions

Once monthly 10-15-minute mini workouts in the office at a time determined by you for the team to get them up from their desk, moving and interacting as a team to offset the effects of sitting.

For these movement sessions, they would be able to be done in work clothes reducing the need to change, shower and so on.

These sessions would incorporate stretches, body-weight moves and use of small pieces of equipment such as sliders and bands.

The benefit from even these small bite sized movement sessions are many, as movement often is vital to health and wellbeing today.

With current studies showing that small and often is better and preferred than once and longer in regards to exercise.

Setting of monthly movement challenges (suggest firm offers a prize)

*minimum 6-month commitment

Office Makeover Package

Includes workshops as per the Education package, and also the addition of the below:

Smoothie Station Set-up:                                                                           

  • My time spent sourcing and purchasing necessary equipment/ingredients including

  • Nutribullet machine, extra cups and blades

  • Pantry makeover including smoothie ingredients for pantry and freezer (incl storage containers)

  • Laminated recipe cards

  • Set up in office and pantry, provide ongoing shopping list



Office Exercise Toolkit Setup                                                                                

  • Sourcing and purchase of necessary equipment including

  • 2 x swiss balls (& pump)

  • 2 x glute bands and slider sets

  • 4 x yoga mats

  • Set of latex bands

  • Small balls

  • Balance board & pods

  • Storage container


Initial programme launch meeting in office.

This includes presentation to team on the Wellness Programme, how it will run, what they can expect out of it. Your expectations of them in regards to participation and why the firm is implementing this programme. Answer any questions arising from meeting



*minimum 6-month commitment

Optional Add-ons

Office Snack Makeover

  • Audit of office snacks and beverages

  • Report on recommendations on how to improve

  • Set up of healthy snacks and healthier food options

  • Provide food shopping list and/or providers of snacks

Weekly or fortnightly snacks delivery can be arranged for an additional cost which would be detailed in report.



Six Week Personal Training Package


  • 12 x 30-minute one-on-one personal training sessions at You Can! Fitness Solutions private training studio (2 x sessions per week)

  • Initial health consultation and exercise testing at beginning and end of programme

  • Report provided on completion of programme detailing progress made

With this option I suggest the firm only partly subsidises this cost, the team needs to invest some of their own money also so they are more motivated to get results.


By offering a tailored and personal wellbeing programme the Partners are showing their ongoing commitment to the team’s wellbeing by offering a programme that has something for everyone no matter their age, ability, health issues, limitations and goals.

Yes, there is a cost involved and whilst not onerous it would pay for itself in terms of increased productivity and reduced sick leave. In office sessions may be able to be counted towards CPD requirements (industry dependent)

As I have for over a year now successfully delivered personal solutions to my clients and am aware of how a sedentary job is actually reducing our life expectancy the time to implement something is now. What better time to get a programme in place and started to ensure your brand in the market and within the team is seen as offering so much more than just a paycheck each fortnight. Implementing my programme will strengthen your culture and elevate your brand.

A functioning and results driven Wellbeing Programme will pay dividends now and in the future. Your team are your most valuable asset – show them you value them and their wellbeing and implement a programme now and place you in front of other Corporate firms and lead the way in the Wellness space.

Book a free planning session with me to discuss what would work best for your team.

Use the calendar on the next screen to find a time that will suit us both to get together and discuss forming a Wellness Programme for your team.
Corporate Wellness Planning Session
1 hr