My Top Five Tips To Have More Energy

Are you sick of being confused, bombarded with free (or nearly free) programmes, tips, offers and quick fixes?

I get you on this.

If you aren’t careful it can be overwhelming and add even more stress to your busy life.

I mean you work hard, you want the good things in life.

You love socializing with friends, visiting cafes, restaurants and travelling too.

But with a busy job and schedule comes overwhelm.

Comes lack of sleep, poor nutrition and then the weight starts to creep on, slowly but surely and you wonder how to even get started.

You’ve noticed that what you used to do simply doesn’t cut it any more and you are ready to change now, because you want to live better for longer.

Here are my Top Five Tips to Have More Energy

Tip Number One

Move your body daily for at least 15 minutes.

Sounds too easy right? But it actually can be.

By moving your body daily you are starting to build a foundation of a habit (one you may have lost along the way) and by only doing Mini Movement Snacks of 15 minutes or so exercise or movement becomes less of a chore and something you look forward to.

Tip Number Two

Get out into nature regularly

Yes that’s right/

Nature is vital for mental resilience, learning to be present and is just actually dam good for the soul.

Whether the beach or walking in the forest is your jam just go do it.

Even better do it barefoot and feel your connection to the Earth.

Be grounded and mindful.

Another handy tip when out in nature is to stop and listen to 5 different sounds you can hear.

You will be surprised at what you can hear. Often we are so busy walking fast we don’t even stop and listen.

Tip Number Three

Drink more water!

Another simple one for you but water is needed for the healthy functioning of our bodies as a whole and if you aren’t taking enough in each day how can you really honestly expect to feel energized?

Water is needed to remove waste, to hydrate our cells and even helps with clear thinking.

I mean think how you feel after a strong coffee, a bit of a buzz maybe?

Then have some water and you start to effectively dilute the effects and offset that coffee buzz.

Water can also keep you going in between meals or when you are busy and on the go.

When you start to become dehydrated your moods will change, you will have no energy and it takes a wee while to turn that around.

So don’t let it get to that point, start small and aim for 4-5 glasses a day, then increase to 6-8.

Tips Number Four

Learn to do nothing!

I know! Do nothing...what the heck?

One thing I have learnt (the hard way I might add) is that sometimes you actually just need time to yourself to do nothing.

This is time each week to just sit and be by yourself.