In this Gear Bundle you will save $ on our awesome fitness products when buying together.

You receive one of our glute bands as well as a set of our sliders in a drawstring bag.

Don't delay, buy yours today!


Glute Band

These sturdy fabric glute bands are the best when activating your posterior muscles such as glutes, hamstrings and hips.

Build strength in and tone your lower body.

No sliding, rolling up or cutting into your legs like traditional latex bands.

These bands have a special grip design on the inside to stay in place during your workouts.

These bands are constructed from a superior poly cotton fabric and have a high breaking resistance.


Slider Set


These exercise sliders are a perfect tool to enable you to target your core and lower body using just them and your own body weight.

Plus you can also get your heart rate into the fat-burn zone.

The sliders come in a pair and have two surfaces so can be used on carpet or flip them over and use on hard surfaces.

Sliders enable to you move through a full range of motion without having to use heavy weights or high impact movements all whilst building strength and balance.

Fitness Gear Bundle

$35.95 Regular Price
$17.98Sale Price
Image by David Achilles

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